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Roof Repairs in Calgary

Our team is on hand to properly inspect and repair any damage to your roof. Our roofing experts have been working with roofs for many years now, and they have the knowledge and skills to fix any issue.We invite you to call us for roof repairs in Calgary if you notice:

  • Damaged shingles
  • Water leaks
  • Animal damage
  • A leaky skylight
  • Roof flashing
Roof Repairs
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Emergency Roof Repairs In Calgary

If you notice a water leak in your roof after rain or a storm, call our team for immediate emergency roof repairs. We can provide quick and efficient repairs so you don't experience further damage to your property.
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Roof Replacement in Calgary

Got a roof nearing the end of its life cycle? We can help with that. Our team is available to perform professional roof replacement.You should call us if you notice any of the following:

  • Curling shingles
  • Peeling shingles
  • Shingles that are partially lifted
  • Major roof damage
  • Missing shingles
Roof Replacement
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Roof Rejuvenation in Calgary

Roof rejuvenation can extend the life of asphalt roofs by replacing the dried up oil in the shingles. Our rejuvenating spray has been lab-tested to ensure that it effectively restores a roof’s shingles.There are so many benefits to roof rejuvenation, including:

  • Adds 5 – 15 years to your roof
  • Reduces damage from hail and other weather events
  • Restores permeability of shingles
  • Guarantees a 30-year lifespan if you rejuvenate every 5 years
Roof Rejuvenation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To your Questions

Can I rejuvenate a 20-year old roof?
Yes you can, but it is recommended to look into roof replacement for a 20-year old roof.
Can I rejuvenate a 10-year old roof?
Yes. This is still a good time to have your roof rejuvenated.
What is the best time to rejuvenate my roof?
You definitely want to aim for the warmer weather. As long as your roof is not covered in snow - you should be fine with rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is possible a few hours after rain. Upon roof inspection, our experienced team members will ensure that your roof is ready for rejuvenation to ensure you get the most results out of our unique rejuvenation product.
Do you perform emergency roof repairs?
Yes. We can perform emergency roof repairs if your roof has a leak and you are worried about damage to your property.
How much does roof rejuvenation cost?
Typically, it is 20% of a roof replacement project.
Can you change the colour of my roof?
After we apply the rejuvenating spray, your roof will eventually darken.
Can you help with moss growing on my roof?
Our spraying solution can help kill moss that is growing on your roof.
How do I know when it is time to rejuvenate my roof?
When you start to notice that your roof looks weathered or when you notice shingles starting to curl.
Is your spray safe?
Our spraying solution is made with 90% bio-based natural oils. This means that it is safe in small quantities, it can be easily washed off with water. It is NOT 100% safe around pets, plants and people.
How often should I rejuvenate my roof?
We recommend getting your roof sprayed with our rejuvenating spray every 5 years.
What Our Customers Say

Client Reviews

Carol M.

I asked Nova Shield to rejuvenate my roof, and I could not believe the results. My roof looks brand new again! The guys did a great job.

Jake R.

Noticed a water leak in my roof so I gave the guys at Nova Shield a call for quick repairs. They came that same day and performed the repairs in no time at all.

Nathan B.

Had the guys at Nova Shield replace my 21-year old roof. After doing an inspection of my roof they got to work. Their team installed my new roof in just 3 days.

Nancy A.

After talking to Nova Shield about roof rejuvenation, I decided it was work for me - and it was a great decision. My roof looks like it did the day I bought my house!

Drew M.

Racoons did damage to my roof so I called these guys to do the repairs. Did the work quickly and my roof looks good again. Thanks guys.

Angelo T.

My roof had taken some damage over the years so I called these guys to help. They recommended some quick repairsand finished the job quickly. Thank you.


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