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If your roof is nearing the end of its life cycle, you’ll definitely want to look into the roof replacement service at Nova Shield. Our experts in Calgary have the experience and the skills you can rely on when it is time to upgrade your roof. So if you notice any of the following, you should get in touch with our team:

  • Curling with the shingles
  • Peeling
  • Shingles are partially lifted
  • Major damage to your roof
  • Missing or bald shingles
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Nova Shield -VS- Our Competitors

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Licensed & Insured

Our roofers are Fully Trained, Insured, Licensed and Registered in Alberta.


Not all the companies are what they say, so don't rush and do your research first.

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Save Money

Our Advanced Technics will provide the most accurate measurements of your roof.


Most companies estimate approximately the size of the roof, forcing you to overpay.

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Highest Standards

We only use selected materials, including roof underlayment and ice and water shield.


If a company quote the project too low per sq. ft., they might use low quality products.

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Extreme Weather Protection

We use 6 nails per shingle to make sure your roof will withstand hail & strong winds.


Usually, 4 nails per shingle is the standard, but it won't be enough against strong winds.

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Roof Replacement Cost in Calgary

When you are looking to get a roof replacement for your home in Calgary or surrounding areas, there are many different factors to take into consideration when it comes to cost. The most important factors that impact the cost of your roof are the size of your roof, the type of roofing material you use, the roofing components of your roof system, the labour and time to complete the replacement, the amount of decking that needs to be replaced, the state of your roof, and the overall complexity of the roof. If you are not sure how much your roof will cost, you can get a roof estimate with our free online estimate calculator. To get a reliable roof estimate, one of our professional roofers in Calgary will physically visit your property and will give you an exact price upon visiting your premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got A Question About Your Roof Replacement?

How do I know when I should replace my roof?

There are multiple ways to determine when your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, including if there are curling shingles, algae growth, missing granules, missing shingles, holes in the roof, or mold in your attic.

How do you replace a broken shingle?

Replacing a broken asphalt shingle is a rather simple process. First you simply use a putty knife underneath and above the damaged shingle to break the seal holding it down. To remove the damaged shingle, wedge a flat bar underneath and pry upwards. As well, remove the nails holding down the shingle, but be careful not to damage the shingle above it. Cut off the damaged tab of the shingle with a utility knife, or remove the entire piece. Then you can simply slip the new shingle or tab in place, and secure it under the shingle above with 7/8” roofing nails. When the damaged shingle has been replaced, lift the tab up and apply a dab of roof cement to seal the asphalt shingles to the roof.

How does snow affect your roof?

Heavy snow can accumulate and build up well over the roof’s ability to support them. When snow piles up and sits for long, it can cause a bowed ceiling, creaks, cracks above your windows and doors, and finally, roof-collapse. When the temperature goes up, snow melts. That water from the melted snow will leak through any tiny cracks in your foundation and cause severe damage to your walls and flooding to your basement. Never use tools to try and remove the snow from your roof. Using tools like shovels to remove snow can damage the shingles. As well, the use of rock salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow on the roof can be threatening. Instead, you can buy a tool called a roof rake that allows you to safely remove snow from your roof without damage. If you are not sure if your roof is suitable for the winter weather, you can call a professional roofing company to perform a roof inspection before the snow hits.

What causes blisters and bubbles on a roof?

A roof blister is a small raised area on your roof caused by a lack of adhesion. This raised area can then fill up with air or water, causing it to look like a bubble. These blisters can be caused by a number of reasons, including moisture, poor installation, and poor ventilation. If left untreated, more moisture can make its way into the blister, causing the problem to get worse until more extensive repairs and possible replacement is needed.

What are the benefits of a new roof?

There are many different benefits that come with installing a new roof on your home. These benefits include increasing your home’s value, improving energy efficiency, upgraded quality, improved curb appeal, ensured safety, new roofing technology, and stress-reduction.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof?

There are multiple ways to determine when your roof needs to be replaced, including if there are curling shingles, algae growth, missing granules, missing shingles, holes in the roof, mold in your attic, or leaking water into your home.

How long does it take a contractor to replace a roof?

Generally, replacing a roof on an average residence of 3,000 square feet or less can usually be replaced in a day. However, there are many different factors that affect how long it takes to replace a roof. Depending on these factors, a roof replacement can take anywhere from one day to several days to be completed. The factors that determine how long your roof replacement will take include the complexity of your roof, the accessibility of your roof, the weather conditions, the time of year, materials and design, total house size, the steepness of the roof, and structural damage.

Why do roofs deteriorate?

There are a couple different causes of asphalt shingle deterioration. Intense winds lift up, rip off, and curl the shingles on your roof, leaving the underlayment exposed and susceptible to water damage and structural deterioration. UV rays from sunlight damage asphalt shingles over time and cause them to deteriorate. Poor attic ventilation causes heat to get trapped and rise to the ceiling, and the more heat that accumulates in the attic, it will cause the underside of the shingles to burn and deteriorate. Rain, snow, hail, and ice greatly affects the pressure and impact of the shingles, as well as the built up moisture from these conditions cause mold and mildew, rot, and insulation damage. If you have trees near your home and you don’t trim the branches, they can brush against the shingles and even cause punctures. As well, during the fall leaves will accumulate on your roof and in your gutters, causing backed up water and structural instability leading to deterioration. The last thing that affects deterioration is lichen. Lichen is a type of moss or algae that grows on your shingles and has a high acidity level which eats through the shingles causing them to deteriorate.

How much does a new roof cost in Calgary?

Every roof is different in many factors, which makes the exact cost of each roof different. However, the average price range of house roofing in Calgary is between $5000 – $12,000. When determining the price of your new roof,roofing experts consider a couple factors: size, old roof removal, style, shape, material, and extras on your roof that they may need to work around.

When can I get my roof replaced?

Roofers work all year round, so there is no particular time you have to get it done. The most popular time of year for roof replacement is summer and fall, but wintertime works as well.

Will a new roof lower my energy bills?

If your roof is old and not in good shape, a new one can help you lower your energy bills. If your roof is old or damaged, it can cause inadequate ventilation in your home. This can directly cause the HVAC to work in overdrive, raising the cost of your energy bills. A new roof lowers energy bills with proper ventilation and materials that prevent excess drafts and water leaks.

How often does my roof need to be replaced?

The life span of your roof depends on its materials, installation, and ventilation. This can make it hard to determine an exact time of when it should be replaced. However, a well-constructed roof typically lasts between 12-15 years.

Can I replace my roof by myself?

No. Roof replacement should always be done by a professional. Each year, over thousands of people die from falls off of roofs and ladders while doing repairs or regular maintenance, making it one of the most dangerous DIY projects you can do. Replacing or repairing your roof should only be left in the hands of a trained professional.

Sofia K.

I would highly recommend Nova Shield to everyone. They were all professional, courteous, informative, understanding, and caring. The crew had come out in the morning and had my roof replaced the same day, no mess afterwards! I'm so pleased to have chosen Nova Shield to do the work. It's nice to see that in the world today that their is still wonderful people in the industry that still care about the homeowner. Many thanks for an outstanding job to the Nova Shield company and the amazing crew. Now I'm waiting for my roof rejuvenation by the same crew to keep it for a longer lifetime.

Nick L.

Great service and good communication. The crew was excellent and did a great job. They were quick to quote and complete the work. The pricing was also fair. I would use them again.

Lila L.

I want to say a big thank you to Nova Shield Company. Those guys did such an amazing job on my roof by replacing it and rejuvenating it going my roof a longer life time. The service was very fast clean and in good price. Thank you Nova Shield i will definitely recommend on you to my friends and colleagues.

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